Discover Coverswim Pool Enclosures !

It is definitely not a coincidence if the Coverswim telescopic swimming pool enclosures are made with straight profiles and a pointed roof. In addition to its sleek and trendy look, the sturdy design and patented profiles offer a lot of practical advantages.


The smart design guarantees maximum stability, weather resistance and durability, and makes your pool enclosure very easy to maintain.


Thanks to our patented profiles with integrated sliding guides, the elements can retract effortlessly and almost silently into each other in a straight line.


There is no need for floor tracks with our exclusive profiles, which keeps your pool terrace free of such obstacles. However, a model guided by floor tracks is perfectly possible.


Swim whenever
you like

You can enjoy a good swim at any time, even in cold or rainy weather.

Safe for children
at play

No more risk that romping children will accidentally fall into the pool.

No high
energy bills

The water is heated at no cost (up to 13°C!) by the greenhouse effect.

Always clean
pool water

No more dirt and leaves in the pool. This means more time to swim.

Additional living and
storage space

Space for garden furniture or an additional seating area under a (medium-) high enclosure.

Added value
for your home

Potential buyers will also appreciate this trendy and practical eye-catcher.

The advantages
of a Coverswim enclosure

  • custom made to your exact specifications in own workshop

  • sleek design with optimum ease-of-use

  • no floor tracks necessary which frees your terrace area

  • smooth and almost noiseless sliding systems

  • straight frames for ultra-strong construction

  • maximum stability and weather resistance

  • strong and stainless-steel parts

  • maintenance-friendly straight edges

  • minimal droplet formation or dirt accumulation

  • focus on natural ventilation

  • 10-year warranty on profiles, colour and panels

  • 100% high quality Made in Belgium

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