All-in-one patio, pergola and veranda!

You are seriously considering the addition of a covered patio or veranda, but you are put off by the idea of a major building project? Then, Coverswim’s telescopic patio covers are exactly what you’re looking for. Fully customised and installed at lightning speed, these lightweight structures don’t require drilling or demolition works! You don’t even have to choose between an open or covered patio or a closed conservatory :

all our patio covers are 3-in-1!


Hardly any restrictions on installation

We can install a telescopic cover almost anywhere, regardless of the free space, dimensions or façade type. The cover can be mounted parallel to the outer wall, perpendicular to the façade wall (lean-to extension) or even between two walls (ideal for city gardens). Almost any dimension is achievable with a modular element structure or precise customisation. The telescopic sections may also retract in various directions: high elements over lower ones, or the opposite way, or to each side from the middle with a central opening

Sturdy and stable in all weather

The high-strength and weather-proof aluminium profiles ensure unrivalled resistance to wind, wear and tear. In addition, all elements are secured to the floor with chemically anchored posts and fastened to each other with durable stainless steel or aluminium anchoring bolts. The profile structure without bent sections and the absence of plastic screws also guarantee that your patio cover will last for many years.

Flexible sliding systems

The wheels follow flexible trackways on stainless steel bearings and have a large diameter that makes manual opening and closing considerably easier. Finally, the straight profiles and the typical three-point guide ensure that the cover opens straight and almost silently.

Waterproof with ventilation

Elastic rubber seals between the acrylic glass panels keep the enclosure waterproof when it rains. However, the spaces between the elements and frames are deliberately sealed with nylon bristles. Not only do they effectively stop dirt and leaves, they allow a natural airflow into the space, thus avoiding nasty odours and mould formation.


No annoying floor tracks

Only one fixed track on your façade or patio wall, that’s all we need. The unique three-point structure with integrated guides ensures that the cover can be opened and closed effortlessly and ever so quietly in a straight line. Without floor tracks, this system does not clutter your patio floor and is a Coverswim exclusivity!

Pleasant temperatures in all seasons

The carefully selected UV-resistant roof cladding allows the lovely solar heat to penetrate the space. The resulting greenhouse effect heats up the space at no cost in the winter, ensuring pleasant temperatures, while cooling it in summer. Or choose to open the canopy to fully enjoy the sun.

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